Artreach works with contemporary and traditional Indian and international artists and partners with NGOs, schools, foundations and museums.  Artreach supports long-term Community Projects and interventions, often in difficult or remote areas, where art is used to foster community cohesion.  Artreach works with artists to bring the transformative power of art to children in care, children of refugees, children of brick kiln labourers, Dalit girls, homeless women and tribal women.


Artreach believes that expressive arts have a unique capacity to encourage, heal and empower.  Engaging in the acts of imagination and self-expression at their heart can change outlooks, impart confidence and self-worth, and enhance emotional, cognitive and social well-being.  


We therefore believes that Punya can provide a platform to monetise the talents of these children, women and destitute persons who have honed their skills at Artreach's centres. As an online marketplace, we believe we can connect buyers with these artists who will then have an additional source of income going forward.

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