About 80 lakh metric tonnes of flowers are disposed in Ganga every year and when these generous offerings turn into colossal waste, it creates a problem that is detrimental to our environment.

Esscent is a line of premium flower-based incense sticks. These are hand-rolled by a group of rural women and differently-abled people in Varanasi, giving them an additional source of income. Esscent has created an organic product which is made up of 60% flowers (made using essential oils) and is 100% charcoal free. Esscent's products have a three-layered eco-friendly packaging using recycled butter paper, cotton pouches and cardboard boxes.

The product emits cleaner smoke as compared to the regular incense sticks, with each fragrance having its own benefits and bringing a more premium and soothing feel to our surroundings.

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