Friendicoes is an animal shelter in the heart of Delhi that caters to animals in distress. It boasts of an Out-patient Department, an in-house clinic for strays, ambulances, two operation theatres, a Lab, an X-ray unit and an entire animal sanctuary in Gurugram. 

Friendicoes’s good work in the field of animal care in Delhi is unmatched. They were the first such-animal shelter to open up and are the largest till date. But with such an elaborate set-up, also come huge costs. 

We hope that through our positive intervention we will be able to help the animals under Friendicoes’s care. Because of our fundraising efforts on Diwali, PUNYA could partially sponsor a vaccination drive at the shelter, which we are immensely proud of. We hope to continue our collaboration with them and contribute meaningfully to Friendicoes’s efforts.

Every Rs. 150 helps Friendicoes feed a dog for a day, and every Rs. 300 helps in covering the cost of rabies vaccines for the dogs at the shelter.

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