The concept of GranMade was conceived in 2017 as a part of a business plan submission by its founder. The idea attracted a lot of scholarly and academic attention in the UK because it focussed its intervention on a neglected segment of our society — elderly women.


GranMade employs out-of-work underprivileged elderly women to knit socks, and beanies among other products. The key idea behind the concept is that the product provides warmth to both the maker of the product, as well as to the customer. And in the process they empower the grandmas by giving them an additional source of income and try to provide a cozy nostalgia for their customers.


Impact wise, GranMade focusses on the Economic, Social and Environmental outcomes.


  • Through its intervention, GranMade transform an economically liable workforce (senior citizens) into an economic asset through its business activities.

  • It highlight the hidden talents of elderly women and creates a transparent and co-dependent business model, with full transparency and accountability of all business activities.


  • They use recycled paper bags for 50% of their products and shipping, ensure all raw materials are fair-trade products and ethically sourced and minimise waste by utilising leftover wool for other sustainable purposes in the business

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