New Earth Association (NEA) was founded with the clear motive of helping women to become educated, self-dependent, and strong enough to fight for their basic rights. Their vision is to ensure women in India are not alone in their struggles. They provide emotional, financial, and legal support to any woman in need. They also help women in becoming self-dependent by providing vocational training in various fields so that they can find jobs. They will also look after providing basic needs to women such as shelter, food, clothing, and employment. Many destitute women are stranded with no help, and NEA will provide emotional and financial support. Their broader vision is to see Indian women stronger, self-dependent, and with equal rights. The prosperity of a nation depends on the prosperity of all the citizens so women should not be neglected.

Other activities include skill development training programs for women society on handicraft, handloom, horticulture, pisciculture, and livestock and assist them by giving they short term loan for creating sources of income by themselves. They assist poor people by means of giving them short term loan for creating income generation. To train up required number of volunteers on Family Health Care, Traditional Birth attendants and Functional Education etc. Finally, they wish to establish manageable Training Center for Community Development

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