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Say No To Single Use Plastic: Affordable and Accessible Alternatives

One of the greatest evils plaguing modern society is the prevalence of single use plastics. Whether you're high up in the mountains, or deep diving in the ocean, you are guaranteed to come across some form of plastic that will be there long after we're all gone. To overcome this evil, we all need to put in concerted efforts, give upon a little bit of convenience, and make small adjustments to our lifestyles. Read on to find out how you too can be a part of the anti-plastic revolution and let your grandchildren thank you for your sacrifice.


The ease and convenience of buying and disposing a plastic water bottle is something that cannot be matched. However, once we take into account the 35 billion plastic bottles that are thrown yearly and the fact that a single bottle takes a minimum of 800 years to decompose, it is easy to see that the costs are actually much higher than the Rs. 20 paid for the bottle.

The eco-friendly way is a little bit more laborious and a tad bit more expensive. BUY A REUSABLE BOTTLE AND CARRY IT WHEREVER YOU GO! While you might have to pay just a little extra, the earth will be grateful for the choice you make for years to come!


Copper Bottle from The Happy Turtle.

Looks good, feels good, lasts long!

Buy Now! For Rs. 750/-



Behti hawa sa tha woh, udti patang sa tha woh, kaha gaya usse dhundo. This famous lyric can just as easily be applied to the polythene bags that we're all so fond of. They flow with the wind, get caught up in trees, plants, and lakes, and stay there for time immemorial.

How can we overcome? Use a handmade bag every time you go grocery or vegetable shopping. Save 10 rupees at your grocery store each time and the bag will pay for itself within a year!


Handloom Sling Bag by Tender Hearts

Buy Now For Rs. 330/-

Geometric Art Tote Bag

Buy Now at Rs. 500/-

Folding Bag With Kalamkari

Buy Now at Rs. 150/-



3 months in your washroom, 1000 years in the soil. Switch to bamboo toothbrushes today, better for the earth and for your pocket!


Bamboo Toothbrush With Nylon Bristles

Buy Now at Rs. 120/-

Bamboo Toothbrush With Charcoal Bristles

Buy Now at Rs. 130/-



How would you feel if you were told that your last mojito cost 200 bucks and the life of a turtle. We all need to stop being complicit in murder and take responsibility for our actions.

Switch to bamboo or copper straws today. They not only save lives but look so cool!


Bamboo Straws (Pack of 4) by The Happy Turtle

Buy Now at Rs. 199/-

Copper Straws (Pack of 4) by The Happy Turtle

Buy Now at Rs. 320/-



The pen is mightier than the sword but the plastic is mightier than the earth.

Switch to plantable pens that not only curb pollution but also grow into trees that will heal some of the damage that we do everyday.


bioQ Box of 30 Plantable Seeds Pens

Buy Now at Rs. 400/-

Pack of 10 Plantable Pens by Syahi

Buy Now at Rs. 325/-



We need to make sure that the pandemic doesn't spiral out of control into a pollution pandemic with masks and PPE Kits everywhere we go.

Switch to reusable cloth masks that are fashionable and comfortable.


3- Layered Cotton Masks (Pack of 2)

Buy Now at Rs. 110/-


A journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step. These small recommendations will go a long way in building a culture of sustainability. Let's join hands and make sure we all say no to plastic!

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