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What Surprises V

What surprises me during this period of lockdown is how people have spent their entire adult or let’s be more ‘politically’ correct and say most of their adult lives not knowing how to COOK! Ok, so now I don’t have clubs to go to and ‘instagrammable’ food pics to put so why not cook and show the world. Chotu bhaiya was there and is still there but let me lessen his work load now by cooking. Have you ever thought Chotu bhaiya is troubled by your presence in the kitchen and the demand for exotic ingredients and all the cleaning up he has to do once you’re done creating the mess?

What surprises me is that while the rest of the world is literally struggling to stay at home and away from the virus, some can’t resist going out because they’re too BORED. What are you bored of, your own company? Sounds strange right? Learning to enjoy your own company is actually is a thing, believe it or not. Well learn from your parents and grandparents, they we born in a time of no technology and the word ‘boredom’ seldom existed in their dictionary. 

What surprises me is that it took the biggest pandemic this planet has ever witnessed, to make the human race focus on issues of ‘daily wage earners’, ‘essential workers’, ‘old people’, ‘homeless people’. Isn’t it the best time to do charity since you have nothing else to do! Also let’s not confuse between doing it for a good cause and doing it for your Instagram followers.

What surprises me is that as Indians we take pride in everything we embrace from the so called western culture except for doing our own HOUSEHOLD CHORES. Because in India ‘ghar toh mumma dekhti hain’. We take pride in the fact that we have a fleet of servants, well not any longer people! 

What surprises me is that we are such a busy generation of making Tik-Toks and Keeping up with the Kardashians, that we have forgotten the difference between politics, religion and a humanitarian crisis. Even during a time when we should all be acting like a civilised, well aware society, we can’t get over religious beliefs and debates about Covid-19. 

There is nothing wrong is learning how to cook or wanting to go out to socialise or not doing ghar ka kaam (well mom would disagree) but the point being do the things you are doing now for ‘self development and helping mom’ regardless of the Great Lockdown. Do it because you belong to a generation who needs to set an example. Do it because you have been taught better!

Stay Home. Stay Safe

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