When the mountains call

Journey from home deliveries to homemade

All of us have a dream that sustains us. Through good times. But especially through tough times. For a lot of us, it is the dream of living a slow life. In the mountains. By the sea. In a small village. In remote locations.

Do any of these resonate with you?

In my case, moving to the hills and living a slow life is what I wanted to do. It is not something that happened overnight. Like most city folks traveling to the hills for a holiday, we too dreamed of buying land. Farming. Eating our own homegrown produce. Having fresh fruits. Listening to bird calls every morning and evening.

Family responsibilities and old parents made it a tough choice. What if they fell ill in the middle of the night? Would we reach out in time to help? With my folks staying in Bangalore, these challenges were doubled.

Questions, choices, with no answers in sight…

Cut to 2016 - and a holiday in the hills.

A random conversation that ended with:

A - “So…just suppose…we find you a place to stay in. How soon can you shift?”

Us - “In 3 months? We’ll need that time to wind up things in the city.”

6 months later, we were here. To stay.

Our first day in the hills. With luggage still arriving. And no clue of dinner.

Before I go into a winding story, let me answer the questions that occur to most of us.

Q: Has it been exactly as we imagined?

A: So much better than what we could have imagined!

Q: So, it has been smooth sailing. And most of us can realize this dream?

A: NO. To both.

It has NOT been smooth sailing. And this is definitely not the life for everyone. I have had medical emergencies with overnight ambulance rides. Critical illness and remote locations do not make for the best partners. Ambulances break down (as mine did), one has to wait for another to arrive (which we did), before one reaches the nearest city (Haldwani). Where they are unable to treat you, so you are rushed to Delhi.

Stress, panic, worry became constant companions.

But we did return after recovery. Fighting with family. Fighting emotional blackmail. Assuaging worries of loved ones.


Because we really can’t think of another life. For me and my partner (and our dog), this is who we were in the city. And have just found the space to grow and be our best selves here in the hills.

Kimble, our dog, is completely at home in the hills

Q: What if you want to ignore all of the stuff written above and still want to shift?

A: Rent a place (like we did for 3 years). Live through the year, through different seasons. With cloudbursts that break away your access to the only motorable road (so you walk), or snow days which ensure no electricity for days on end. Learn to conserve resources and make do with only water harvested during the monsoons (which we do).

Respect animals, insects, all living critters that might terrify you. And treat them with gentleness and respect. Have boxes ready to catch frogs (and spiders) to release them in the wild. Do not use insect killers and use natural insect and pest repellants. Essentially, learning to live being at one with nature.

Live through magical monsoons and unbroken silences that envelop you in warmth and comfort.

Q: How does my life feel after 4 odd years and working with the community?

A: Amazingly wonderful. Yes, there ar