The handiest travel buddy for all music lovers. It doesn’t require any cables, any power source, any charging and is light-weight, eco-friendly, and fits into the bottle side-pocket of any regular backpack!


Play music on your phone and just dock it in the slot provided at the top. The balance beam at the bottom ensures any size and weight device can be supported. The structure of the speaker amplifies the volume and the bass to give you an amazing musical experience with just your phone and bamboo.


Don’t worry about any environmental impact since the bamboo docking station is completely eco-friendly and naturally biodegradable and if you forget it somewhere in nature, it will go back to nature without any harm!

Bamboo Speaker

  • Additional Information

    – Light-weight, Eco-friendly and 100% Biodegradable
    – Design made by Burning and no paints used
    – Compact and fits into a bottle pocket of a backpack
    – Support Beam at the bottom ensures any screen size that fits in the slot can be supported without the speaker tipping over

  • Estimated Delivery Time

    5 Business Days

  • In Case Of Any Queries Please Contact:

    Richa at 9599554659

  • Cash On Delivery


  • About The Happy Turtle

    The Happy Turtle is a Delhi-based bootstrapped start-up focused on driving a circular economy for plastics. They do so via products (to help drive alternative consumption and promote reuse) and consulting services (to reduce plastic footprints as well as improve recovery and recycling of plastic at its end of useful life).


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