These pads are handmade by rural women from Badgaon in Udaipur. The absorbent is 100% biodegradable made from banana peel. Plus, because the pads are reusable they stop waste from being generated at the source.


The pads are available in three sizes and the absorbent is customizable according to the flow.


Furthermore, Vidyalaya Udayam, the maker of these pads, provides carbon credits to users who have used the pad for months. Rs. 60 will be credited to your account after 6 months of purchase as carbon credit for helping save the environment by using this eco-friendly product.

Mayra Reusable Sanitary Napkins

Base Size
Absorbent Fold Type
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    5-7 Business Days

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    Ashwani Tiwari at 9587226788

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