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Saheli sanitary pads are made by underprivileged women from Godhra, Gujarat. using certified compostable plastic (bottom layer), non woven (top layer), wood pulp and Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) gel (absorbent layer) and silicone release paper. We use cardboard packaging in order to reduce plastic waste. 

Saheli XL Regular Sanitary Napkins (Box of 7 Pads)

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    4-6 Business Days

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  • In Case Of Any Queries Please Contact:

    Tanvi Dalwadi at 9664839040

  • Certifications

    Our pads are NABL lab certified to adhere to the Bureau of Indian Standards specifications. Specifically, they comply with :

    1) IS 5405 1980 for disposability

    2) IS 1390 1961 for pH levels

    3) IS 5405 1980 for absorbency and ability to withstand pressure after absorption

  • About Saheli

    Saheli is a project of the Sakinaben Sultanali Gulamhusainwala Charitable Trust, Godhra. Read more about them here.

  • Shipping Time

    Your order will be dispatched within 2-3 Business Days.

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