In order to bring about a change and provide access to safe, reusable, sustainable menstrual hygiene products, we have collaborated with The Happy Turtle and Alharh for Sammaan – Donate a Kit Campaign.


Almost 93% of women in Bihar currently do not have access to safe menstrual hygiene products (Data Source: IMRB 2020 Survey).



The Aim

To provide 1 kit of Unmukt Reusable Sanitary Napkins M/L Kit to a woman in need in rural / vulnerable communities in the state of Bihar with the help of Alharh.


Help A Sister Out

Under this campaign, you can purchase an Unmukt sanitary napkin kit for less than half the price, and our implementation partner, Alharh will ensure it is provided to a menstruator in need in rural areas of Bihar. We will also try our best to share the direct number of the recipient of the kit you donated so you can speak to the person you helped! 


How To Order

Kindly order the Sammaan Kit the same way you would order any other product on our website. Please enter your shipping address as well as that is a mandatory field on the order page.


Please note that this pack WILL NOT be shipped to you but it will be shipped to Alharh in Bihar and from there it will reach the recipient of the donated kit.


The Happy Turtle will be shipping all donated kits once a fortnight to Alharh so kindly allows us up to 1 month to update you with the recipient details. We value and appreciate your patience and trust in this campaign.


The total price for the Sammaan Kit is INR 500. INR 450 is charged as the product price as INR 50 gets added at the time of checkout as Shipping Cost on the product. The same is due to the website settings and limitations and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.


Total Price: INR 500 (INR 450 + INR 50 gets added at the time of checkout)

Sammaan – Donate a Sanitary Napkin Kit

  • Contents

    • 4 x Medium Foldable Pads
    • 2 x Large Foldable Pads
    • 2 x Regular Waterproof Sleeves
    • 1 x Large Waterproof Sleeve
    • 1 x Travel Pouch for the kit
  • In Case Of Any Queries Please Contact:

    Samyak at +91 98113 16472

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