Avoid using plastic coasters and switch to our pure cotton washable coasters made from katran (scrap cloth from cloth factories).


The coasters are machine washable and have multiple layers of cotton to make them long-lasting and help you avoid using plastic coasters.


Since they don’t use any hard materials, there is also no risk of scratching the surfaces they are used on and they are very child-friendly and unbreakable too!


The coasters are made by women of SHGs and also help avoid scrap cloth from landing in landfills!

Scrap Cloth Coasters

  • Dimensions

    Diameter: 3”

  • Features

    – Pure Cotton
    – Made from scrap cloth (katran) ensuring lesser waste to landfills
    – Machine washable
    – Unbreakable, Child-friendly, No risk of scratching surfaces
    – Made by women from SHGs
    – Available in a mix of patterns based on scrap cloth collected

  • Estimated Delivery Time

    5 Business Days

  • In Case Of Any Queries Please Contact:

    Richa at 9599554659

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