Sankalp Taru is an online platform that allows you to plant trees across the country. With the click of a button, you can not only increase the green cover, but also help communities become more sustainable. By planting fruit and fodder bearing trees on the lands of rural farmers, Sankalp Taru strengthens their livelihood through sustainable means.

Scanty rainfall and lack of sufficient water resources in Karnataka have made its agriculture face several crisis, resulting an increased rate of farmer suicides. To mitigate these complications, SankalpTaru is actively planting varied fruit-bearing and native plant species on the lands of marginal farmers in Karnataka. The initiative is active towards sustaining rural livelihood, overcoming the fluctuations in biotic pressures and aiding agricultural practices along with increased water table levels.

Many of us who want to do our bit for the environment are not able to because of time constraints. But Sankalp Taru recognizes that and helps bridge the gap. Their partnership with PUNYA will go a long way in integrating sustainability into gifting. For long, gifting has been about run-of-the-mill ideas that do not benefit society. PUNYA and Sankalp Taru together help fill that gap, as PUNYA’s thoughtful minimalist gifting is complimented well by Sankalp Taru’s efforts in the afforestation space. 

PUNYA’s clientele will be provided full disclosure of where their money has been utilized - saplings are labelled, geo-tagged and photographed.

We are able to plant a tree for every Rs. 150 we receive as a donation to SankalpTaru.

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