SACP (also called Sasha) is a not-for-profit craft development & marketing organization working with marginalized artisan and women producers.
The marketing team works closely with Producer partners. Together, they translate market trends into designs suitable for a variety of clientele. As a result, Producers now access both international and high-end domestic markets.

Sasha is committed to expanding the reach of Fair Trade in India's growing domestic market. Retail outlets in Kolkata and Delhi are a destination for discerning customers. They cater to people looking for authentic handmade products that are rich in culture and creativity. Sasha also organizes regular exhibitions and events in both cities.

Punya sees Sasha as a vital partner in its mission to provide a platform for NGOs to hone their skills and make their products more germane for the wider Indian market. In fact, Punya looks to replicate Sasha's successes at a much wider level, and acknowledges and respects the impact that Sasha's interventions have had in the skills development space.

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