Shakti Shalini is an NGO that goes beyond mere lip service on social media, and provides assistance to victims of sexual and gender violence. They pioneered a holistic approach to bring about social change - they not only work with victims but also with their families and others in the community. 


Their mechanisms to promote gender equality include preventing violence, responding to violence, educational programs to train social workers and plays to create awareness. Their preventive mechaisms include community outreach programs, skills development centre for combating violence and using arts for activism (Artivism) to bring about social change. Response mechanisms come into action after the violence has taken place. These include a shelter home for women in distress and a Crisis Intervention and Counselling Centre which provides legal, medical and counselling services. 

PUNYA’s collaboration with them during the Diwali campaign raised enough funds so that Shakti Shalini’s shelter home's electricity, phone, and gas bills could be paid. PUNYA is proud of its contribution to their great work.

The cost of running a shelter for a month is Rs. 15,000. Buy a Punya Box and contribute towards keeping the shelter running!

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