Sirohi (Skilled Samaritan Foundation) is a not-for-profit that provides steady income opportunities to women from rural communities in Muzaffarnagar District of Uttar Pradesh, India. It provides income opportunities to women without a formal education who are from marginalised populations in Western India, by understanding and leveraging their existing craft skills, to make sustainable 'marketable' products for a global buyer, that are made from waste & salvaged materials locally generated in their region.

They identify and support women communities who have unique/undiscovered craftman skills but were never 'artisans' and work closely with them to create 'marketable products. We have started our work with communities living in Muzaffarnagar District, with a focus on skill-sets of charpoy weaving and macrame styles of weaving, that are native to this region. With more women approaching them for income and training opportunities on a daily basis, they aim to set up a Skill Lab(s) (Common Facility Centre) in the proximity of 5 villages, where each Skill Lab can house almost 350 women, who can work in a clean and safe working environment, close to their homes.

Skilled Samaritan provides training, workshop facilities and designs from in-house designers, to develop high quality premium home décor and fashion accessories that are marketed to an urbane and global audience, using online and offline sales channels. Most of these products are made from waste/salvaged textiles and multi-layer industrial packaging waste so the products are sustainable in nature, thereby encouraging responsible production and consumption patterns, thereby strongly contributing to a circular economy.

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