Tender Heart is an NGO located in Bhatola village, Faridabad, working to provide social and educational opportunities for the disadvantaged as well as training and employment for the underprivileged. Through their projects and activities they support the local community and believe that every man, woman and child deserves the opportunity to live their lives to their fullest potential.

Their projects relate to women empowerment, health awareness, and education. As a part of their project on women empowerment, they teach basic job skills to women in local rural villages. These women now manufacture a variety of handcrafted products such as handbags, laptop cases, wallets, scarves, folders and jewellery. They are all paid a fair wage, and set their prices for the products. As a part of their health awareness drive, Tender Heart regularly organises various health check up camps, dental check-up camps, and mammography camps. For their education initiative, Tender Heart engages with slum children and children with special needs.

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