The Happy Turtle is a Delhi-based bootstrapped start-up focused towards driving a circular economy for plastics. They do so via products (to help drive alternative consumption and promote reuse) and consulting services (to reduce plastic footprints as well as improve recovery and recycling of plastic at its end of usage life).

They are the creators of the World’s First Plastic Footprint Calculator for Businesses which can help assess any business premises on its annual Plastic Consumption - both qualitatively and quantitatively. The Footprint Calculator further provides insights into how to reduce Plastic Footprints and what are the challenges the premises needs to overcome in order to become Zero Waste to Landfills.

Their Products are all reusable alternatives to Single Use Plastic Products or Plastic Products where the end-of-life scenario is not managed properly. All their products are responsibly Made in India and most of them are made by rural artisans or by women from SHGs and provide a source of livelihood for them. They are a DPIIT Recognised Start-up and won the Start-up India’s Single Use Plastic International Grand Challenge in the Plastic Consumption Category in 2019.

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