URJA-Energy was founded by Mrs Raka Singh in December 2013. Raised and brought up in India she channels her efforts largely towards the betterment of the people of her ancestral hometown Siswa Bazaar in the district of Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh, India. On land donated by her family, the NGO is essentially run by a team of locally based, like-minded people.

After understanding the needs of the residents of the area, they decided to focus their intervention on a sewing school and production unit, production of biodegradable sanitary pads, investments in libraries, playgrounds and scholarships, deployment of solar cells for energy production and production of indigenous varieties of rice among other areas.

Their prime focus lies in the field of community development through women empowerment, while showing the way for environmentally friendly solutions to daily practices. Recently, they opened a training center for conducting sewing, stitching, and overall training of women entrepreneurs. They used the services of USHA International so that their students could get nationally recognised training certificates.

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