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The Office Episodes Sorted For Each Mood

The Office is one of the most iconic shows of our generation. From the not-so-innocent 'That's what she said' slipped into every casual conversation to romanticizing Jim and Pam's relationship, the show has played a profound role in the lives of its fans

With quarantine getting the better of us each day, we thought the best way to get over the blues, is with some Michael Scott to add some life to our days no matter what mood we're in!

For When You Want A Good Laugh

Season 2 Episode 12, The Injury

Favourite Part: Michael Explaining His Injury On Speaker And The Bubble Wrap Around His Foot

Season 3 Episode 20, Safety Training

Favourite Part: "Dwight You Ignorant Slut"

Season 4 Episode 7 & 8, Money


Season 5 Episode 14 & 15, Stress Relief

Favourite Part: Both Episodes In Their Entirety! CPR Training. The Fire Drill. Stayin' Alive. Michael and Dwight's Meeting With Corporate. Impossible To Choose!

Season 6 Episode 10, Murder

Favourite Part: The Southern Accent!


For When You Want To Feel A Little Sad

Season 2 Episode 22, Casino Night

Saddest Part: Jim Getting Shot Down.

Season 3 Episode 17, Business School

Saddest Part: No One Showing Up At Pam's Art Show.

Season 7 Episode 22, Goodbye Michael

Saddest Part: Simply Nothing To Say But The End Of An Era :'(


For When You Want To Feel Butterflies In Your Stomach

Season 3 Episode 23, The Job

Best Part: "It's A Date"

Season 5 Episode 28, Company Picnic

Best Part: Jim's Reaction At The End Of The Episode

Season 6 Episode 4, Niagra

Best Part: The Secret Wedding!

Season 7 Episode 19, Garage Sale

Best Part: THE PROPOSAL!!!


Let us know your favourite episodes and what they make you feel in the comments below! Stay Home. Stay Safe!

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