Menstruation is an integral part of womanhood. But have you ever wondered how much plastic waste the disposable sanitary hygiene products generate?

It is estimated that a menstruator, during their lifetime, generates over 125 kilos of plastic waste by using disposable sanitary products. It is an alarming number, but what if we told you that there is a way to prevent it?


Say hello to your new eco-friendly, reusable, zero-waste sanitary napkin kit, Unmukt!


Why Unmukt?



At The Happy Turtle, we believe in providing quality products without compromising on comfort. Our Unmukt Sanitary napkins are from GOTS certified cotton with extra soft pads designed to dry out quickly to ensure ultimate comfort even when you are on the move.

These napkins also have a waterproof sleeve to avoid leaks and stains, and they have a separable PU layer which you can discard and recycle when the sleeves wear out.



Unmukt, being a reusable pad, easily lasts for more than three years. The kit will pay out for itself in 3-4 months and then help you save all your period product expenses for the rest of its usage life!

Thus, Unmukt is not only environment friendly but also kind to you and your pocket.


Make a Socio-Environmental Impact

Unmukt reusable pads are made by women from SHGs and along with helping you and the environment, they also help the women earn a sustainable source of livelihood.


Taking Care Of Your Recyclable Sanitary Napkins


  • Soak soiled pads in Cold Water only (warm or hot water will set the stains, so do not use it)
  • Rinse the soiled pad and discard the water (Green tip: it can also be used as compost water for plants)
  • Wash the pre-soaked pads in water with detergent (hand wash recommended). Avoid using a brush.


Unmukt Reusable Sanitary Napkins: S/M Kit (6 Pads + 3 Sleeves)

  • Contents

    • 4 x Medium Foldable Pads
    • 2 x Small Foldable Pads
    • 3 x Regular Waterproof Sleeves
    • 1 x Travel Pouch for the kit
  • Estimated Delivery Time

    5-7 Business Days

  • Features

    – Thoughtfully designed with separate foldable pads and sleeves to hold them in place
    – Foldable pads made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
    – Cloth sleeves to hold the layered pads in place with a waterproof layer to avoid leaks
    – Adjustable buttons on wings of pads to lock the pads in position
    – Foldable pads open out for proper sunlight exposure while drying and to ensure thorough cleaning
    – Zero Waste Design: The sleeve and the travel pouch are made from scrap cotton / katran and help minimise waste

  • How To Dispose

    – Foldable Pads and travel pouch are made of pure cotton and can be upcycled or recycled accordingly.
    – The sleeves have a PU layer inside which should be separated and discarded/recycled with plastic waste.
    – The cotton cloth part of the sleeve can be discarded with the foldable pads and travel pouch.

  • About The Happy Turtle

    The Happy Turtle is a Delhi-based bootstrapped start-up focused on driving a circular economy for plastics. They do so via products (to help drive alternative consumption and promote reuse) and consulting services (to reduce plastic footprints as well as improve recovery and recycling of plastic at its end of useful life).


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  • In Case Of Any Queries Please Contact:

    Richa at 9599554659

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