Kilmora is a brand promoted by Kumaun Grameen Udyog (KGU). KGU is mandated to plough back its earnings into rural development activities. Through their range of products, they strive to give quality and a fair deal to both the customer and the rural producer.

Kilmora's products include hand woven and hand knitted textiles; apricot skin care products; naturally-grown culinary herbs, cereals and spices; and fruit processed products such as jams and chutneys.

Kilmora has had a profound impact on the livelihoods of their beneficiaries who are typically small scale farmers and artisans in the villages of Uttarakhand. Earlier, these farmers and artisans had to typically migrate to the cities to earn their living. However, Kilmora has successfully managed to curb the migration from these villages through skills trainings and by monetising their agricultural produce, arts and craft. Punya is proud to associate itself with Kilmora, which is a premier impact organization and a leader in the skills development space.

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